My Writing Process

New writers love to ask authors about their “process.”  It’s an excellent question because the more new writers learn how others manage the novel-writing process, the more tips, tricks, and methods they can integrate into their own unique process.

After eight years of writing, I finally found my best novel-writing process.

Discover how I go from an idea to a finished manuscript. 



Check it Out! Not

Why the “check it out” promo line isn’t the best way to get readers to click the link to your book.


How to Improve Characterization

“How do I improve characterization? What does that mean?”

I hear new writers asking this almost daily.  Here are very specific tools for improving characterization. 

How to Use Symbolic Violence in a Novel

Can a punch in the nose be symbolic? It can be. Discover how to amplify character, conflict, and emotion with purposeful violence. There’s TWO videos!!

 A one-hour Facebook discussion with a fellow writer. There’s also a short  20-minute version.



Don’t Fear the Critiquer

Critiques can be scary.

And there are all sorts of critiquers. Discover who to listen to and what to do with all that advice.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the years about critiques.


How to Use Symbolic Architecture in a Novel

The roof overhead, the window gazed through, the threshold walked across, all these structural features can be used symbolically.

Discover how to strengthen character, conflict, emotion, theme, and foreshadowing with purposeful use of architecture. 





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