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February 1, 2019


Reviews for Legends of Lust

I Love Romance Blog: “It is rare to find stories that are an equal mix of romance and erotica, but the author does a great job of blending the two.”

Mistress Golightly: “Well written and a wonderful read, one could easily devour the entire compilation in a single zealous sitting…if you can handle it.”

Bibi’s Book Blog:”What Bardot has done is downright ballsy. And the result is so epic it’s been a joy to read.”

Literaria: “I enjoyed all of them because each story is beautifully composed, the characters are artfully drawn and every couple retains their uniqueness and sensual spark.”



I have a Youtube channel!

I am sooo loving the LEGENDS OF LUST book trailer by Cleis Press.



My producer/directer/screenwriter friend made this one.


Also, I’ve just have to share these gorgeous promo pics!