Writing changes a person. For me, the changes were awesome!

Writing caused me to:

  1. leave my comfort zone by the wayside. In fact, my comfort zone is so far away I don’t think I have one anymore. I’m willing to put myself ‘out there.’ Why not? What do I have to lose? I’ve yet to regret a single chance I took.
  2. hone my writing and story-telling skills. Ways of telling (or in agent/editor lingo, showing) a story have changed. I’ve been around the block and see the changes. Some are good. Some are terrible. But I won’t get into that right now.
  3. learn all sorts of new tech programs/platforms. Nothing is ‘intuitive’ for me. ( I hate that phrase, anyway.) Figuring out a new platform isn’t fun. I’d much rather be writing.But I figure it out and that’s very gratifying. Plus, I can brag to my tech-savvy adult children.
  4. become a better listener. I never know when someone has a nugget—a phrase, a turn of words, a situation—I can use for a story.
  5. not  take rejection personally. Sometimes I even laugh at the reasons. My favorite: It’s not what we’re looking for. *eye roll* Whatever…
  6. keep persevering. I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Plus, it’s my zen. ( See cool Zen photo above.) Why would I ever give up on an activity that brings me so much amusement and gratification?
  7. pay attention to a person. Tone of voice, gait, mannerisms, anything to make a character more real.
  8. embrace my weirdness. Yeh, I sit around and write all day, prefer reading to partying, love research, and think of crazy stuff on a routine basis. So what? LOL
  9. be more organized. I use technology. Pinterest, excel, dated folders, and no ‘final final draft’ titles. Ever.
  10. really be in the moment, to engage all the senses, even when I’m just waiting for the server to bring my meal or sitting outside in the backyard. Being mindful helps me add sensory detail to my writing.
  11. accept myself, flaws and all. I’ve written 7 books. And work full-time. BUT…I don’t go to the gym. ( I have a treadmill and a pool.) I hate bargain shopping. Pointing and clicking takes less time away from writing. My hair stylist has to beg me to come in for a trim. I almost never have the hot new nail color. And there’s always a chair full of ironing to do. But hey! I wrote a chapter today! YES!


How has writing novels changed you? We’ll compare notes!

Love & hugs,